Real Estate for Income

HUDSONPOINT provides our qualified clients with access to direct real estate programs with different developers and real estate portfolio companies.  These include, but are not limited to, private and non-traded REITs.


Some of these real estate programs provide qualified clients with principal safety along with a monthly or quarterly dividend.  Other programs provide qualified clients with both growth and income opportunities.  Our vast platform of investment solutions helps the investor looking for real estate exposure outside the stock market traded real estate companies.

Why invest in real estate?


Historically, the performance of real estate investments is not tied to the performance of stocks and bonds.  Returns in real Estate investments are driven by different factors than other asset classes, which helps investors who are seeking to diversify the risks in their portfolios.  Our platform also offers diversification based on geography by providing access to certain large real estate programs with properties located in different regions of the country.  These programs can provide our clients with some protection against forces that can have different impacts on different locations.

Return potential

Historically, real estate has provided institutional investors with competitive returns relative to other asset classes.  HUDSONPOINT offers qualified retail investors the opportunity to participate in real estate investments that, typically, have been available onto to institutional investors.

Lower volatility than other asset classes

From an investment perspective, the leasing and financing structures found in real estate investments are long term in nature and have historically contributed to relatively stable cash yields.

Additionally, real estate returns are largely dependent on periodic asset valuations and therefore do not exhibit the same level of volatility as returns from investments listed on exchanges.

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