Trust and Estate Planning

You have worked to establish a career and a home, to send your children to school and to plan for retirement. Planning for your loved ones and leaving a legacy to the causes that matter most to you can be equally as important.

What you need to know

Careful planning can help to ensure your assets are efficiently passed from one generation to the next.  Working with your existing legal and accounting advisors, we provide close personal attention to help you achieve maximum value with minimum burden on your heirs through the valuation and distribution of your assets, succession planning, fiduciary income tax preparation, trust administration, charitable trusts, foundations and estate settlement.

What are the benefits?

An estate plan can help you enjoy the benefits of your success today while providing for others in the future. However, establishing a plan may lead to questions that are difficult and emotional to ask.  HUDSONPOINT, along with your existing legal and accounting advisors, can provide an objective perspective and draw upon the expertise of professionals who specialize in estate planning, insurance strategies, trusts and philanthropy. This helps you protect and transfer your wealth in a way that benefits the ones who are most important to you.

We’re here to assist you!

Whether you have an estate plan in place or need help creating one, we invite you to have a conversation today with an advisor who can support you in making key decisions about your financial assets and the people and organizations you care most about.  We are not attorneys, but HUDSONPOINT will work closely with your current legal advisors to assist you with your estate plan.  If you do not have a trusted legal advisor, HUDSONPOINT can refer you to one of our partner professionals who can work with us to develop an estate plan.  (We do not receive any compensation for referrals to our partner professionals.).

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