Our Mission at HUDSONPOINT Capital is to guide financial decision-making with a single goal and vision in mind: OUR CLIENTS.  HUDSONPOINT Capital offers its clients education about and transparency into today’s financial markets.  The Firm offers its clients a holistic planning approach and investment strategies that assist our clients with managing their short and long-term financial needs.

Our Team Approach

Through our team approach, our firm is solution based and not product driven.  Our process includes a “getting to know” the client process where, after numerous meetings and phone conferences, we help identify the gaps in your family’s current investment strategy and provide real solutions to any shortfalls aimed at moving your family’s financial future in the right direction.  Our vast platform allows us to provide our clients with a diversified investment portfolio that is suitable for the individual client’s investment goals and risk tolerance.

Taking on the role of quarterback for our clients, we work alongside your existing legal, accounting, banking and insurance advisors to assist families with their financial and life needs that could include obtaining long-term insurance, setting up trusts, drafting wills, managing or setting up 401k’s, IRA’s or other retirement accounts and managing inheritance taxes.  If you need assistance with obtaining third party advisors, we can introduce you to a number of different attorneys, accountants and insurance representatives with whom we have informal relationships.  (We do not receive any compensation for making referrals to third party advisors.).

Our Primary Focus

Our primary focus is to reduce our clients’ dependence on investing in typical stock market products.  Professional investment management may provide qualified individual investors access to a wide variety of traditional and alternative investment classes that are not correlated to the volatility of the stock market, including solutions that were previously available only to the institutional investors.  We can assist qualified clients with:

HUDSONPOINT Capital offers securities and other financial services through National Securities Corporation, a Member of FINRA/SIPC.  Founded in 1947, National has evolved into one of the country’s largest independent broker-dealers.  Through its independent representatives, like those associated with HUDSONPOINT Capital, National provides clients with the individualized attention that they deserve, but has the resources necessary to provide products and services competitive with the very largest firms. HUDSONPOINT Capital is not an affiliate of National or any of National’s affiliated companies.

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