Our Approach

Our clients have many different experts in their lives – including their accountants, attorneys, bankers and insurance representatives – all of which advise them on their various needs.  We provide a concierge-model of service to our clients where we act as your quarterback, leading your team of advisors in managing your hard-earned assets.  We either work with your current advisors or, where there is a gap in need, we can assist our clients with referrals to advisors from our large network of professionals.  We do not receive any compensation for providing clients with referrals.  Our goal is to assist our clients in retaining a team of professionals who can provide the advice they may need in managing their wealth.




HUDSONPOINT Capital provides its clients with a holistic planning approach and investment strategies that assist our clients with managing their short and long-term financial needs. Let us help you devise a clear and concise financial plan with the below steps:


  Alternative Investment Management

We offer a wide range of alternative investment products such as REITs, managed futures, Hedge Fund Solutions, oil, gas and mining programs, equipment leasing, late stage private companies prior to an IPO, and other private equity and investment banking solutions.


  Trust and Estate Planning

HUDSONPOINT, along with your existing legal and accounting advisors, can provide an objective perspective and draw upon the expertise of professionals who specialize in estate planning, insurance strategies, trusts and philanthropy.


  Tax Management

We are not tax professionals, but HUDSONPOINT will work closely with your current tax professional to look at the “big picture” to maximize your return while reducing your tax exposure.


  Retirement Planning

Whether you’re in retirement, planning to retire, or just want to plan for the future, you need to understand all of your options. We can clarify the issues and help you select the appropriate mix of investments, pension, social security, and insurance benefits.


  Insurance and Asset Protection

A properly designed Whole life policy is a way to invest in your life, with guaranteed protection for your loved ones. HUDSONPOINT invites you to explore the policies we offer, to determine the best option or combination of options for you.


  Business Solutions

Many of our clients have different needs for the business that they own or run. Our business concierge platform, can help our clients navigate the many needs of their businesses. We are solution based and not product driven. Our process includes a “getting to know” the business process, where after numerous phone calls and meetings we can help identify the gaps in your current plan and help fulfill your needs.


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