What Are Pre-IPOs and Why Should You Consider Investing in Them?

Looking to invest in unicorn IPOs?

We bridge the gap between retail investors and Pre-IPO investment opportunities. Utilizing our resources, we provide access of insider shares to qualified retail clients.

What are Pre-IPOs?

Pre-Initial Public Offerings (or Pre-IPOs) allow private companies the ability to raise money before they go public. They’re a way to ‘test the waters’ before an initial public offering (IPO).

Why invest in Pre-IPOs?

Pre-IPOs offer several advantages to discerning investors. As an example, pre-IPO shares are often steeply discounted. This means you can likely sell your pre-IPO shares for a profit the moment the company goes public.

Just imagine taking part in Amazon’s pre-IPO in 1997 or Alibaba’s pre-IPO in 2014.

But investing in Pre-IPOs could mean locking up your money for an uncertain period of time and only being able to sell shares once the company goes public. There’s always a tradeoff.

HudsonPoint Pre-Ipos

How we access Pre-IPOs

Traditionally, pre-IPOs have been conducted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and require significant investment stakes. Until recently, pre-IPO access has been limited to hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital firms, insurance companies, and other institutions.

This is why most retail investors are unable to access shares of companies until they go public. But at HUDSONPOINT Capital, we provide access to pre-IPO opportunities at private companies well before their IPOs.

Our investments are structured in such a way that we only take a single “slot” of a company’s capitalization. Retail investors can then purchase membership interests in a company’s funds at lower dollar amounts.

Once the company in question goes public, we may either liquidate or distribute shares to our members, depending on market conditions and the investment valuation.

This kind of opportunity gives retail investors access to the Pre-IPOs market. While it’s important to remember that pre-IPO investments also carry inherent risks, we work hard to continually find the best opportunities for our clients.


Choosing the right Pre-IPO

With over 20 years of client-focused financial experience, we pride ourselves on our transparency and goal-oriented approach. Our financial professionals help you choose pre-IPO shares that suit your investing style, risk tolerance and goals.

For qualified retail clients, we have two sources of insider shares:

If you’d like to learn more about the pre-IPOs we have available right now, please schedule a call and we’ll get in touch with you!

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