Pre-IPO Investment Opportunities

Through our partnerships and relationships, HUDSONPOINT provides qualified clients access to investments in private companies that are in the late stage of development and prior to the company going public in an IPO, often called “unicorn companies.”.

We bridge the gap

Historically, investments in these multi-billion dollar companies have been reserved for the institutional client.  HUDSONPOINT bridges the gap and provides access to many of these pre-IPO investment opportunities to qualified retail clients.   These unicorn companies are staying private longer, raising capital – often billions of dollars — through private offerings, which helps create multi-billion dollar valuations when the companies decide to go public.

Through our vast network of employees and early investors that want liquidity, we are able to secure an investment in these insider shares for our qualified clients to participate prior to an IPO.

There are two main sources of these insider shares:

Here is a list of the most sought after unicorn companies in the private market:

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